Terms and Conditions

All items will be billed at the price effective at the time the order is placed. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Billing Terms:
The date found on the Invoice is the date of shipment or delivery unless otherwise noted on the Invoice. Cash discounts are 2% if paid by the 10th day of the following month. Different terms noted on the Invoice take precedence.

Minimum Orders:
None. Perfecto Products has no minimum order.

Freight Terms:
Freight is billed FOB Fullerton, CA, except on consigned stock. Full Freight Allowed applies only to orders over $750.00 with delivery destinations west of the Mississippi River. For delivery destinations east of the Mississippi River the order must be over $1000.00.  When totaling the cost of items on an order, the cost of Meter Keys and City Meter Keys do not count towards the FFA listed above

Restocking Charges:
All returns of items not shipped by Perfecto Products in error must be authorized by the Fullerton office. Items returned must be in “As New” condition. A credit of the full sale price of the returned goods, less 20%, will be issued to the invoiced party. Freight charges will not be refunded.

All items manufactured by Perfecto Products, Inc will be warranted for one year for parts and labor from the date of shipment from our offices. This warranty does not extend to abuse, misuse or unauthorized disassembly of items. Final assessment of abuse will be determined by Perfecto Products. Warranties of product lines represented by Perfecto Products will default to the warranty provided by the equipment manufacturer.